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All the components of your watch have been manufactured using high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing. However, superior quality also requires maintenance. Treat your Blade watch with care and attention, and you will be rewarded with precision timekeeping.


Water Resistance

The water pressure mentioned in meters should not be considered as literal swimming / diving depth. The pressure of water is much higher during swimming strokes and diving which adds to the pressure at any given depth.

If your watch is 100 METER / 10 ATM / 10 BAR WATER RESISTANT, please ensure -

*The crown is pushed completely inside (0 Position) and touches the case.

*Do not rotate the crown when the watch is under water, when the watch is wet and/or when the watch is    in contact with soap or shampoo solution.

*If the watch comes in contact with sea water, rinse with fresh water and dry it completely.

*Do not let your watch be in contact with warm water for extended periods as it may affect its accuracy.


Your Blade watch will exhibit optimal performance while being used between 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F). If operated outside of these limits, the accuracy of your Blade watch will be affected. Exposure to high  temperatures may also lead to battery leakage. 


The accuracy and performance of your Blade watch will be severely affected if exposed to strong magnetic fields. Do not expose your watch to sources of strong magnetic fields such as televisions, computers, display monitors, speakers etc.


Strong chemical vapors/solvents may discolor/damage the case and bracelet plating. Do not expose your Blade watch to strong chemical vapors/solvents like perfumes, alcohol, gasoline, cosmetic spray, detergent, 
adhesives and paints etc. 


Chemicals can wear away the plating and cause the watch to tarnish. Avoid applying perfumes on your wrists while wearing a watch.

Shocks and Vibrations

Severe impact may cause cosmetic damage to the case, glass and plating as well as damage the movement, affecting performance and accuracy. Do not subject your Blade watch to severe impact such as drops or knocks against hard surfaces.

Ceramic and sapphire glass are extremely hard materials with heightened scratch resistance. However, harsh impacts such as a steep drop can cause breakage.


The watch battery should last for about two years. The seconds hand runs at two second intervals when the battery is close to exhaustion. Battery replacement must be performed only by an authorized service center. 

Periodic Maintenance

Clean the watch periodically using a soft and dry cloth to preserve the plating and avoid the effects of moisture, perspiration and dust. We recommend your watch be serviced once every two years at an 
authorized service center.

Do not attempt to open the back or change the glass by yourself as it can cause dust or water to enter. In case the inside of the glass is hazy, have the watch serviced immediately.

Fatal movement damage or battery discharge may occur if the watch is continued to be used in this condition.


For a specific Blade watch's User Guide 

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